Earise DT21-B

Earise Portable Bluetooth speaker with wireless microphone

This is a very nice speaker in the same form factor as many of the "Tailgate" radios. This is the first one I've had with LED lights built in and it's a nice feature. You can turn them off easily if you don't like that sort of thing though. The sound quality is very good and having a Bass and Treble knob let's you tweak it to your liking. It puts out a good amount of bass and the tweeter sounds nice and crisp. The wireless microphone is uni-directional which helps eliminate feedback. It has plenty of inputs including 2x1/4" mic, 1/4" guitar, 1/8" aux and RCA. It also has RCA outputs. There's a USB and micro SD slot for either playing stored music or you can actually record everything played through the speaker to a thumb drive or memory card. It comes with a 9v wall wart for charging the somewhat small battery. It's a 3600mAh Lithium-Ion battery made up of four of the very common 18650 batteries. They did include a 12v battery connection. It could easily be hooked up to a vehicle or even a portable jump start pack for extended playback. The microphone uses 2xAA batteries and seems to work pretty well. There are rubber feet on either side to lay the speaker horizontal too.

Great for Musicians!

With multiple inputs, wireless microphone and built in mixer this would be excellent for musicians. You could easily connect a guitar and a drum machine then either use the wireless microphone or plug one in. You can even easily record your performance direct to a memory card or thumb drive. If you really want to be mobile you can attach the backpack straps and take it with you.

Specs and features:

  • 30 Watt Output
  • 8" Woofer and 1" Tweeter
  • Multi-mode LED lights
  • FM Tuner and telescopic antenna
  • Bluetooth with NFC pairing
  • 2 Mic and 1 Guitar input
  • Aux input
  • RCA input and output
  • Wireless Microphone included
  • Built in echo/reverb
  • Individual input volume controls
  • Treble and Bass controls
  • USB and micro SD slot
  • 3600mAh battery (4x18650 pack)
  • 12v input connection
  • 9v charger connection
  • Removable backpack strap


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