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Earise DT21-B

Earise Portable Bluetooth speaker with wireless microphone

This is a very nice speaker in the same form factor as many of the "Tailgate" radios. This is the first one I've had with LED lights built in and it's a nice feature. You can turn them off easily if you don't like that sort of thing though. The sound quality is very good and having a Bass and Treble knob let's you tweak it to your liking. It puts out a good amount of bass and the tweeter sounds nice and crisp. The wireless microphone is uni-directional which helps eliminate feedback. It has plenty of inputs including 2x1/4" mic, 1/4" guitar, 1/8" aux and RCA. It also has RCA outputs. There's a USB and micro SD slot for either playing stored music or you can actually record everything played through the speaker to a thumb drive or memory card. It comes with a 9v wall wart for charging the somewhat small battery. It's a 3600mAh Lithium-Ion battery made up of four of the very comm…

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